Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform

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Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform

The Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform Dual Motor Whole body Vibration Platform is a heavy duty vibration machine with 60 speed settings to choose from. This machine comes with a complete user guide so even if you’re a first time user you’ll be able to step onto the platform and experience the benefits for yourself.

Dual Motor

The Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform features two motors with a total power of 1500 watts. It comes with three pre-programmed workouts and you can add up to 3 customized workouts depending on what your goals are for each workout.

The E6600 has a 400 pound maximum weight limit which means even very large users will be able to start their vibration workouts with this machine. It comes with balance straps and two LCD displays, one at the top and the other half way up the machine.


  • Two motors with 1500 watts total power
  • 60 Speed settings, 3 pre-programmed, 3 user-programmable workouts, BMI analyzer
  • Upper and lower LCD control panels
  • Heavy-duty build with a 400 Pound maximum weight limit
  • Includes black isometric balance straps and complete user guide

The Need For Speed

If you’ve tried other vibration machines before and found they don’t give you much benefit it could be the speed of the vibration is too slow. The Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform has 60 speed settings and two powerful motors to give you supercharged vibrations all throughout your body.

Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform Reviews

The Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform Vibration Platform Machine is one of the top selling vibration machines on Amazon (as of this writing). It receives a star rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from buyers who say it operates relatively quietly and they love the way the machine works. Most of them mentioned that this is a good vibration machine for the price.

Works Wonders For Your Arms And Legs

Vibration machines cause your muscles to tense and relax very quickly causing you to get a great workout without doing any other physical exercise. You can of course do many exercises while using the vibration machine for an enhanced workout too.

Bottom Line

The Vibration Plate EX 600 Platform is a cheaper version of a more expensive brand. It performs many of the same functions admirable but is probably not as sturdy as the pricier model. Having said that it will has shown to work wonders for many people and is a good option for a home vibration machine.

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