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Strength: 30mg/1mg/mL

Size: 5mL

Strength: 30mg/1mg/mL

Size: 5mL

Bi-mix is a mixture of 30 mg papaverine and 1 mg phentolamine. The injections takes about 5 minutes, about 1 minute to clean with an alcohol swab and inject and another 3-4 minutes of holding pressure on the injection site after removing the needle. Most men will have a full erection within 5-15 minutes of injecting.

Bi-mix is effective about 80% of the time. He added that about 50% of the users show an improvement in potency after using injections and find that they do not have to always inject. About 5% of users are able to get off of the injections entirely.

If bi-mix is not successful, doctor may prescribes tri-mix with the third ingredient being prostaglandin (Caverject). Prostaglandin causes pain, sometimes severe, in about 20% of the users. The cost of a bi-mix injection is about $1 plus 25 cents for the syringe.

Compared with papaverine Papaverine plus phentolamine (bimix) may be more effective at increasing the proportion of men achieving full erections 20 minutes after injection and at increasing the proportion of men achieving successful intercourse on the day of the injection

Compared with intracavernosal alprostadil We don’t know whether papaverine plus phentolamine (bimix) is more effective at increasing the proportion of men with successful erections

Papaverine plus phentolamine (bimix) has several side effects and has been associated with transient pain and bruises at injection site, painless fibrous penile nodules, mild to moderate alteration in liver function, prolonged erections, and fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa.

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