Athletic Perfomance IV Therapy


The Athletic Performance IV will be the most suitable choice for anyone beginning a workout regimen that will call for a greater demand from your system.

These infusions aren’t solely for serious athletes, but also for those who are exercising frequently to accomplish a healthier body and high quality of life.



During physical exercise our own bodies consume macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat ) for energy, but it is going to also burn through the micronutrients like B vitamins and amino acids.

Your body’s metabolism converts carbohydrates, proteins and fats found in food through a intricate set of chemical reactions, which can be driven by enzymes which require specific minerals and vitamin.

Often replenishing those nutrients with diet is tough requiring the utilization of supplements. Whenever you don’t handle this properly it may result in dehydration, soreness, fatigue, injury, muscle loss and fat gain.

This IV includes the B vitamins and also we include a few critical ingredients which may improve muscle recovery and also help improve stamina and endurance.

It has been a fantastic alternative for those training for Marathons, Triathlons, Pre-Season Training and just extreme body shaping. These generally are supplied in a set of 5-10 infusions based upon the timing of competition.