Pre & Post Surgery IV Therapy


If you’re experiencing an elective surgical procedure in the future you need to think about preparing the body for operation 1-2 months before your operation.

Surgery may be heavy strain on the human body and appropriate preparation can lessen the effects of stress on the body prior to and following surgery.



The body has an amazing, innate ability to heal itself, however there are lots of factors that unfortunately cause less than optimal recovery.

Age, daily stressors, hormone and micro nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, poor diet, insufficient exercise and tobacco abuse can have an effect on how well you heal.

Simply smoking alone will frequently require twice the recovery time than a non-smoker.

1 approach to boost your healing is to become more of those critical nutrients than your daily diet provides.

There are lots of nutrients which are important to your body’s stress reaction and wound healing. Take recovery steps before and following operation to fortify your immune system and relieve body stress, which can aid in improving your healing and recovery time.