Diode Laser Hair Removal


FDA Approved

  • Web Special – $20,000
  • The 808nm diode laser hair removal system employs the most advanced technology in laser hair removal which penetrates better, has better performance and clinical results, safely.
  • High energy: outstanding treatment result can be anticipated in the very first treatment for all kinds of hair.
  • Safety: Will not burn or scar skin
    The strong Sapphire touch cooling system cools the skin so the entire procedure is painless.
  • Quick: This brand new technology is 5 times quicker than the original hair removal lasers.


With the 80nm Diode Laser Hair Removal you can safely and effectively receive treatments twice a week which means a targeted area can be hair-free in as soon as 4 to 6 WEEKS (rather than 8 to 12 months). Also, because of the rapid pulse technology, each session is 5x FASTER than competing technology. As entire female body can be treated in less than one hour.


  • The most advanced technology: laser hair removal that safely penetrates better, has better performance and clinical results with no skin damage.
  • HIgh energy: excellent treatment results can be expected at the first treatment for both hair removal and tattoo removal.
  • Treatment time examples:
    • Under arms – 4 minutes
    • Legs – 8 minutes
    • Back- 8 minutes
    • Face – 4 minutes
    • Full body – 30 minutes


HAIR Removal

  • Hair removal on an entire hairy body takes less thanone hour.
  • Average Patient receives 6-8 sessions to remove hair
  • Average Session on a body part such as a face is 5 minutes
  • Average charge for legs is $100 per session
  • Average session time 30 minutes
  • Technician charge is $10 session
  • Consumables Cost $5 session


This device can be upgraded to dual 755-808 Diode Head that will also target Blonde and Grey hair.

All NewYouMD devices are compatible with standard 110 volt electricity, no need for custom electrical installation!