Acoustic Lipoliser

Acoustic Lipoliser -The New Form of Body Shaping and Targeted Fat Reduction is Here!

Utilizing High frequency Ultrasound cavitation for fat burning and high powered RF for skin rejuvenation and fat elimination, our units are fulfilling the demands for the aesthetic patient.

Having a small footprint and ergonomically designed grips, these machines will fit right into any small clinic or big med spa meeting all of your requirements.

Contrary to Lasers, we really destroy fat cells and the fat will not return!

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The Acoustic Lipoliser is the most recent invention in non-surgical, noninvasive fat reduction breaking down fat cells, rejuvenating skin, lifting and lessening the appearance of cellulite.

Once fat cells have been ruined the fatty acids are transported throughout the body by the circulatory system to provide the body just like it would during times of caloric deprivation.

The Acoustic Lipoliser targets excessive fat deposits anywhere in your entire body. The device allows for correcting the duration of treatment time and the energy level of this treatment for both ultrasound and Radio-frequency.

The strength of Radio-frequency (RF) gives the extra advantage of improved blood circulation, drainage for permanent fat removal, and skin tightening to get thinner, tighter smoother look.

The RF and cavitation actions have a body and face handle allowing not just for body tightening but face tightening which allows for not just complete body shaping but also the pure face-lift.