Weight Loss


Medi-Slim: The Ultimate Weight Loss Program: At NewYouMD we’ve customized weight loss into a perfect form and size.

Our results leave you lean, trim, toned and firm. Dieting is tough enough but using a Medically Supervised treatment program we keep this straightforward and you feel and see the results.

We’re the cheerleaders and keep you inspired.



The program has a prescription appetite suppressant that helps to produce energy and prevent the cravings. It’s a lifestyle change where total detoxification is happening.

You may begin a total transformation and we guide you each step along the way.

You’ll be quitting certain drinks filling your entire body with water to help flush toxins.

We assist you with a detailed menu of those foods to eat that can work your entire body to perfection of overall wellbeing and healing.

We clarify all details throughout your follow up visits.

You may come for a week Lipo-B shots that helps dissolve stubborn fat that while the body burns off like fuel assisting no feelings of exhaustion.

To Boost lymphatic drainage and strengthen the core of vascular, nervous and muscle tissue we bring you in to get a weekly treatment of Acoustic Lipoliser.