Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Therapy


Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a naturally occurring fat and h20-soluble antioxidant, which plays a substantial role in many metabolic processes within the body.

It’s considered a “universal antioxidant” because it demonstrates antioxidant function and contributes in the production of other important antioxidants like glutathione and many vitamins.

ALA is vital for cell metabolism via its effects on mitochondria (power sources of cells) and cellular energy production.

Since ALA can pass readily into the brain, it might help to protect the brain and nerve tissues.



Researchers are investigating it as a possible treatment for stroke and other brain issues involving free radical damage, such as dementia.

Studies also support that ALA helps reduce blood glucose levels. It enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces blood glucose, helping diabetics by helping in damaged arteries and nerves.

ALA has been used for a long time to treat peripheral neuropathy in Germany. Its ability to get rid of free radicals can help individuals with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, that have pain, itching, burning, numbness and tingling in arms and legs from nerve damage.

Intravenous course enables much higher doses of ALA to be administered and studies have found that high doses appear to have an anti-cancer effect. ALA triggers mitochondrial respiration and might lead to cancer cell death.

The precise mechanism for this effect isn’t understood, but in studies are promising.